Friday, August 10, 2007

Peaceful on the deck

Long time readers know I'm not one to use poisons if I can avoid it but I stopped got an industrial grade ant spray tonight and I'm telling you it was instant ant begone.

They had slowed down considerably when I got home tonight but there was still was a line going up and down and at least a dozen crawling all over the feeder. I sprayed the shit out the post from top to bottom and the outside floorboards too. The few ants that didn't flee died instantly.

It doesn't smell that great. The fumes linger in the dead air. There's no wind at all here tonight but there's no ants either. The hummers don't seem to mind and are happy again. I of course washed the feeder and made fresh food. I swear the bold guy thanked me.

He kept looking up, looking for the pesky things and when he didn't see any, he settled down for a good long drink. He fed from the side where I could see his silhoutte against the sky. I could see his tiny little heart beating. And when he was done he flew to barely a foot from my face and hovered for a long time looking at me.

I mean long enough that I stuck my finger out, hoping he would land on it. He considered it for quite a few long seconds before he flew off. I think he may land on me yet. Of course, I won't have a camera when it happens...


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