Sunday, August 19, 2007

Leading the way toward legalization

Well, this is not one of the links I have saved, which I have more to say about, but Treva asked for a drug war post and this just crossed the radar screen. It's not that notable an article in breaking news, it doesn't really say anything I haven't told you dozens of times in the last four years but I'm posting it because it's three pages in the Washington Post and I find that remarkable.

When I started this blog it was me and Pete singlehandedly bringing the drug war dialogue into Blogtopia. It was work in those days to find links. They mostly came from activist sites and reports of busts. To find mainstream pieces critical of the drug war in a major metro paper is pretty freakin phenonmenal. And it happens regularly now.

Activisim made a difference. Raising our voices collectively, made a difference. People who never thought about policy reform now talk about it. We haven't legalized marijuana yet, but we're getting closer all the time. Most of the rest of the world has acknowledged that prohibition has done more harm than good and more politicians here are speaking out in favor of reform every day. We're making progress.


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