Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm so glad

My feeder is such a smashing success. I'm so happy. I worked for a few hours this afternoon and when I came home there were hummingbirds at my feeder.

I already have two little guys duking it out over first dibs. The littler guy is the bold one and he's winning so far. He'll feed if I'm sitting there but so far, mostly on the far side feeder so all I can see is his tail. But he came back every few minutes all evening long.

The other guy keeps coming in to get a turn but he won't go to the feeder unless the other guy is there already. If he's alone and he sees me, he just takes off. But the little guy doesn't want to share and he chases the other one away. A couple of times they both arrived at once and they buzzed through the deck while they were battling it out, inches from my face. The second time I swear I could feel the wind from their tiny little wings on my eyeballs.

This is so cool. This is my kind of pet. A wild thing that comes to visit. But I'm wondering about the upkeep on the feeder though. It says to clean it twice a week. Does that mean I have to throw out the food that's in it or just clean the bottom part that they sit on?


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