Friday, August 03, 2007

Hey, is that ounce a little light?

It's almost too embarrassing that Tits McGee had to point me to Scott's post at my dear friends Stop The Drug War blog. The city of San Francisco doesn't just allow medical marijuana, they take it seriously. They sent this to a local dispensary.

Dear MCD Applicant;

It has come to my attention that some MCD's [medical cannabis dispensaries] are using the incorrect equivalent conversion between grams and ounces. You must use 28.35 grams/ounce, not 28 grams/ounce for all cannabis sold by weight. The law behind this is in the State Business and Professions Code, which is typically enforced by Weights and Measures (State Dept of Agriculture). As they currently are not addressing weights and measures issues regarding cannabis clubs, the City's MCD Inspection Program will enforce this requirement.

Please feel free to share this with any club operator (I do not have email
for most operators).

Thank you for your cooperation.

I love it. They're scolding the dispensaries for shorting the ounces. As Scott points out, "This is the kind of regulation the marijuana industry actually needs. Hopefully someday, when the DEA shows up at your dispensary, it won’t be to confiscate your proceeds and product, it will be to warn you: "It's come to our attention that you're selling skimpy sacks…"

Meanwhile, be sure to visit DRC's blog regularly. Lots more news and views like that are posted daily, unlike my sorry excuse for drug policy activism lately.


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