Sunday, August 05, 2007

For the birds

Arrgggh. I spent a half an hour, two days running, doing my little aerobic routine in the pool and I can hardly move today. I think I should have built up to it in slower increments. On a brighter note, I still haven't managed to get a photo of my two little guys but Maeve has shown me hers here. I definitely have a different species.

Having investigated, I now believe my two might be female rubythroats. It's hard to find good photos on google but they seem to be the closest in the markings. They continue to amuse me though. The braver one scolded me twice yesterday for hanging out on the deck and ruining her quiet enjoyment of her meal. It's pretty funny to have a hummingbird whirring inches from your face and bitching you out.

No mistaking this guy however. I spent the first day in the pool by myself and a finch just like this was in the flower beds on the periphery, eating the seeds out some passed flower. He didn't move the whole time I was in the pool. Probably why I ended up staying in so long. Well that, and it's hotter than Hades here this week.

The heat I don't mind but the air quality is so bad you can't breathe the shit. I've taken to using the AC for the last couple of days. This place is tight, I'll give it that much. I run it for a while until I get too cold and it holds the cool for hours and hours. I usually only to run it twice a day. I hope it works that well in containing the heat in the winter.

Meanwhile, I don't what happened with my upstairs neighbors but all of sudden they're really noisy. I think they have a kid and he runs around like a demon all day long and half way into the night. It's like, it's 11:00pm people. Put that kid to bed. It was really bad last week but I think they had company who brought a couple of extra kids. I'm not even sure who they are. It's funny like that here. You can't really tell what apartment anybody lives in unless you see them opening their door. Which you don't.

And on a completely different note, there's a new blogger in the 'hood. Long time Rumbler commenter Joan of Argggh and I couldn't be more diverse politically, but she just started her blog and I really liked her post on her home town. It reminds me of lovely downtown Noho, the retirement home for young people.


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