Friday, August 10, 2007

The ants go marching...

I knew the hummingbird thing was going too easily. Everything was fine for days and the bold little bird has been hovering practically in my face talking to me and the two birds had figured out to share the feeder. All was well and peaceful on the deck but now the ants have discovered the feeder and there's a small army running up and down the post collecting the food. It's so bad the birds can't even rest on the feeder perches to eat without the ants crawling all over them.

Of course I'm working this week and haven't had time to really deal with it. I put out some bait traps which are apparently a joke. No way the ants are going for the bait when they have pure sugar on tap and now I also have a wasp or two that developed a taste for the stuff. The wasps I don't mind so much since they don't seem inclined to nest in the rafters but I have to stop the ants. They're just gross.

I spent a half hour last night in the 100+ degree heat at 7:30 just killing the buggers. It slowed them down for a while but they were back in force this morning. It doesn't appear that the hummingbirds eat them so I guess I'm going to spray the shit out of the post and the railings tomorrow and hope that kills them. I'm thinking I may have to take down the feeder for a couple of days until I kill them all. I hope the hummers don't abandon me if I do it.

Meanwhile, it has been over 100 degrees here every day this week. I've never run the AC so much in my entire life. I'm even running it at night so I can breathe. On the bright side, it makes me happy to now be living in my nice new Mcpartment with the central air. My old house only had a window unit that was so old, it smelled like mold when you ran it. But I still can hardly wait for this heat wave to break.

Of course, on the bright side, at least I'll be motivated to use the pool. The water is finally warm enough to get right in and I may even go over after sunset tonight. You don't need the sun to keep you warm when it's this hot.


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