Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Hummer!

I'm so excited. I now have a third hummingbird, a big guy, clearly a male. He's hardly afraid of me at all and he eats at the feeder with the little bold one so I'm inclined to think they might be a couple and the other skitterish guy is a young male. I've decided to call them, Clem, Nellie and Mr. Shy.

Mr Shy is getting a little braver. He'll now eat while I'm sitting there but he won't light on the perch. He hovers there, madly whirring his little wings and sneaks in a quick sip between watching out for me and the other two, who chase him off.

I'm amazed that any of them will eat when I'm out there. It's a tiny deck. I was eyeballing the distance tonight and I figure it's between four and five feet from my kneecap to the feeder. If I stay perfectly still when Clem and Nellie are there, they'll stay a long time and Nellie will frequently fly into the deck and hover for a bit to look at me. Clem also checked me out tonight, but only the one time.

If any of them ever land on my knee, I think it's going to be Nellie.


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