Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And then there were four

This is so cool. I came home last night and there are now four hummingbirds fighting over the feeder. If any more join I may not be able to sit on the deck anymore for fear of being caught in the cross fire. It was raucous out there last night I'll tell you. One will be eating and another will fly in to harass him and they both end up buzzing around my head. It's a regular combat zone now. They were battling away in such close proxity you can hear the clash of their little beaks over the mad whirrinng of their wings.

The food is going a lot faster too now. At this rate I'll be able to start filling the feeder to capacity. I've been rather miserly about it up until now since I was throwing away so much unused food to keep it fresh. In the last few days they've been draining it dry by the time I got home. At this rate I may have to learn how to make my own food.

On an unrelated note, my teenagers are back. Apparently the two sisters that I thought had moved away when I wasn't looking came home last night. There was much teenage screaming and the whole posse was hanging around on the street again. I'm glad they're back. I've become rather fond of that little clique. I missed them.


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