Monday, July 30, 2007

Reefer madness

I haven't been able to track down a link to the new Reefer Madness propaganda film, Purple Brain, but I did run across this at Slate, who claim these are the best anti-marijuana ads ever. I guess if you use the threshold of the ONDCP's earlier attempts, they're pretty good, but I wouldn't even call them great, much less the best ever. I don't think they're going to work any better than the last bunch and the bad ones are more entertaining.

I would however call this one of the best anti-drug war posts I've seen in a good long while. GuyK gets his rant on in this post. Here's the money graf.
I am not a user of illegal substances..I get my kicks on Skoal. But the point is that legislation to control what I do to my body goes against my ideas of what freedom is all about. This country never learns from mistakes of the past such as the prohibition of the manufacture and sale of alcohol which led to an increase in organized crime and made criminals out of the public who wanted to imbibe in the adult beverage of their choice. We have done the same with the prohibition of drugs.

Where there is a demand someone will take the risk to supply the demand.
Guy is a straight as the proverbial arrow and as conservative as they come. He gets it and he's passing his insights on to a whole of folks just like him. This is beauty of Blogtopia. The people can talk to each other directly and the government's self-serving propaganda doesn't get the last word anymore.

This how the people are going to win the war on some drugs. When the non-consumers start demanding better policy, the politicians will have to listen eventually.


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