Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I have built it...

Now, will they come? So far no takers in the last twenty minutes but I'm willing to give it a couple of days before I declare it a failure. This certainly turned out to be a bigger project that I expected. It took hours to find the feeder and figure how to hang it without drilling holes in the post but I'm quite taken with my cleverness over the engineering.

I used a shelf bracket for the hanger with an s-hook to hold the feeder onto the end. Figuring out how to attach the bracket was the big deal. The post and railing are plastic and I didn't want to put any permanent holes in it, being that I'm renting this place. I thought the strappy things was quite inspired although it took some searching to find any big enough.

May God and "the left" forgive me. I ended up buying them at the Home Depot and even worse, I bought this plant when I was there. Hey, I needed some color for the deck and have no time to put together one of these things for myself. Not to mention it's so late in the season, I needed one that was already matured. I really like the combo of plants and I'm hoping the pink throated guys might draw a butterfly or two.


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