Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog drama

Okay, this has been sticking in my craw for the last couple of weeks so I'm just going to spit it out. I'm not linking to anybody. Those of you who know what I'm talking about can find the links for yourself and the rest of you can just skip this post.

I think Stevie is wrong to pursue it and think she should have ignored her after the one post. I told her as much in her comments. But that being said, the blame for this latest flareup rests solely on Livey's shoulders and I'm a little sick of seeing people tell Stevie to stop obsessing.

Livey is not as smart as she thinks but neither is as dumb as she pretends to be. She knew exactly what she was gotdam doing when she put up that post, and her "oh poor me, I'm so bad at this and wish k was awake to proof it" is pure bullshit. Why didn't she just wait then? It's not like someone had a gun to her head and said hit publish. She knew it would set Stevie off and it did. Now she's the center of attention again among her shrinking group of supporters who tsk, tsk about how she's being hounded by that mean old Stevie. Eff that.

I appreciate loyalty and friendship and some people I know, like and respect are supporting Livey. All I can say is I think you all are being taking advantage of and are being badly misled by her. Her post wasn't only selfish. It was mean.

I was put off by it and I've accepted Rob's death. Anybody with two brain cells could see that Stevie is still very much greiving. I mean Jebus, she's singlehandedly keeping Gut Rumbles alive and she still talks about him all the time. Livey on the other hand, didn't even remember the anniversary of his death. I hadn't been there in months but I clicked over to see what she would say. I thought surely, after the theatrics she pulled at the funeral and justifying the whole sordid debacle by insisting she and Rob had a deep relationship that no one understood, she would have mentioned it at least. But she was too busy talking about herself and forgot. And I don't buy the "thank the academy" crap. If she had remembered she would have posted that first.

Then she puts up that post about how it was all worth it, even though she didn't find the family she's always wanted and it was all about an infatuation anyway? And anybody who lived through the whole sordid mess at the end is surprised that it upset Stevie? I call bullshit on that.

I don't blame Livey for Rob's death. But I do blame her for starting this whole thing up again and sorry if offend some of you who like her, but I don't and I think she what she did was just shitty.


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