Sunday, July 22, 2007

Aw Shucks!

My friend Chickie had given me the coveted Blogger's good schmoozing seal of approval.

“And what is the Power of Schmooze, you ask? It’s a blogging community involvement award for those bloggers who make the effort to connect and develop relationships in the blogosphere. Some leave great comments along the way, while others are faithful readers who’s presence you are aware of.”

I'm not sure I deserve such an honor considering how lax I've been about visiting the blogroll and especially commenting but I'm honored all the same and accept it in the spirit of my past contributions to the chit chat.

I guess I'm supposed to pass it on, but I can't pick just a few of the many bloggers who feel like friends now so I'm just going to pass it on to the newest blogger in the Rumblers cabal, Sweetthing for best schmoozing by proxy. Her partner in crime life, GuyK has been passing along her wit and wisdom for so long that I feel like I know her already and besides, every new blog should start with an award.


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