Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lazy days of summer

Having given up a couple of days off to help out, it was a long week and thanks to a bad case of the stomach icks, I didn't get here again much this week, but later late than never, no? This is a shot of last night's sunset as seen from my deck. As you can see the buildings are far enough apart that even though this is a big complex, you still have a sense of privacy. At that distance, you don't really see into people's windows.

The pool is between the two building in the shot. I've been spending more time there this weekend and actually spent about 45 minutes in the water yesterday since after a couple of days in the high 90s, the water was finally acceptably warm. I'm feeling it today though. I used some muscles I forgot I had in all that swimming.

I finally turned on the AC for the first time as well, which I'm happy to report works really well. I was freezing in 20 minutes and had to go out on the deck to warm up. I'm still learning how to regulate the thermostat. There's a lot of buttons and settings and the slider to set the temp is a challenge for the vision impaired.

Meanwhile, the old lady downstairs has taken to making her phone calls outside and being somewhat deaf, she speaks really loudly. She's been talking for three days about her eye drops and a wedding that she felt guilty about not attending. The good news is they forgive her for sending her regrets so I guess she'll be able to show up at church today after all without causing a major scandal.

I'm also pleased to tell you I found a convenience store that I feel comfortable giving my trade to. There's two of them within easy striking distance but the first time I went to both, the cashiers were so rude that I was driving the three miles back to my old store, where they were nice to me.

I've discovered however, the night clerk at one of the nearby places is really pleasant, jovial even. He's a real native son. Sixty two years old and he attributes his youthful vigor to hard work and good eatin'. Buttermilk, corn bread and fresh 'maters in the summer are the secret, he tells me. I like him already.


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