Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fire and Lightning

I haven't been posting here because I've been tied up on the poliblogs. I lost a whole day and a half after a throw-away post at Newshoggers ended up creating a firestorm on the inter-tubes. Word up folks. Don't ever mention the 25 year age difference between Fred Thompson and his wife unless you want half the world calling you a nasty bitch.

Meanwhile, we've been having thunderstorms here for a couple of days and I've discovered another to love about the Mcpartment. I adore thunderstorms and this is a great place to watch the lightning.

A couple of nights when the first one hit, I was sitting on the deck when I first saw the first flash. It was that point in the evening where the sky is just turning into a pale slate color and on the deck side, the smoky gray clouds were splayed out like brush strokes in a water color painting. There was one white cloud directly ahead, perched on top the building across the way like a big puffy mushroom cap. The lightning was periodically lighting up only that cloud. You could see the forks rolling across the top of it and no thunder. I've never seen anything like it.

As it got darker, lightning started to flash from behind my building. I thought at first it was just a street light flickering because no thunder followed it. Eventually I went out on the side landing to investigate and what a show.

You get a 180 view of the sky from that deck and the lightning was awesome. Huge forks and fireballs were flashing all around us and even overhead but there was no rain. It felt like being inside a glass dome in outer space.

I stood there for a hour watching nature's fireworks until finally the thunder caught up with the storm and the rain came down.


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