Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No place like home

I'm almost afraid to say it out loud so as not to tempt the Gods, but I'm loving this Mcpartment. I took a a deliberate cruise around the entire periphery by foot last night and I've decided I have the best location in the place.

The complex is actually on a ridge, which with the Venturi effect would explain the good air circulation. But the difference in the noise level is what I found more interesting. At the far end there's one point where you can see and really hear the highway. The sound is much more subdued on my deck. In fact, I've been noticing the sound of the train is more muffled than it was at my old place and I'm much closer to the track here. I'm thinking it's the tree buffer on this side.

Anyway, the place is comfortable, really efficiently set up and easy to keep clean. Not to mention it seems to be cheaper to run. I was a little worried when I took the place because it's all electric. I got my first bill today and it was $18.32. That's less than I paid at the last place and I have an electric hot water heater here. Not to mention how much I'm going to save on water bills. I was paying almost $40 a month for a flat rate at the old place. I'm on a meter here and my first water bill was for $6.42. I can live with that.

Meanwhile, I'm reassessing the neighbors. It turns out the local cop actually lives the next door and that young girl I saw him with all the time must have been his daughter. She disappeared and I've seen him with a woman of more appropriate age that I assume is his wife. He says hi to me on the stairs. He calls me ma'am.

I also think I was wrong about the teenagers that hang around the building. They are definitely not 12. I got a better look at them today when they were fooling around on the sidewalk, checking me out while I checking them out. I'm guessing between 14 and 16 years old now. There was a lot of hormonal exchange going on and they were talking about their friend's bands and used the word fuck a lot. But Jebus, they sure do look young to my old eyes.


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