Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lazy days

I know I haven't posted in a long time. I'm in one of my narcolepsy phases. I've been sleeping ten hours a day on these last couple of days off and today I spent the afternoon at the pool. They finally opened it up today.

It being the holiday weekend, it was rather raucous poolside but it was fun to watch the teenagers flirt and get a look at some of my neighbors. We're an eclectic bunch. Mostly parents with younger kids of various sizes, including one adorable baby. A very tall woman probably early 40s wearing a black bikini. A lot of overweight people probably in their late 30s. One young professional looking couple. One 20 something blonde who spent all of 20 minutes there, all of it on the phone. She oiled herself up and everything and then left as soon as her friend showed up. And then there was an older woman who came with a couple of young kids who called her mom. She and her friend who showed up a little later appeared to be close to my age and I swear they were lesbians. She's the only who talked to me in the three minutes total I actually spent in the pool. I thought the water was still a little cold.

Meanwhile I found out my old house has already been rented. The idiots at Time Warner, who screwed up every single bill I ever got from them, even screwed turning off the service. I knew the woman who took the cancel order was incompetent. I had to tell her to take my new address and sure enough she forgot to put in some order along the line and it was still listed as open. The good news is I got somebody in customer service who knew what they were doing and it was easily cleared out and I'm going to get 30 bucks back from them. I think they owe me more between all the screwed up bills. Someday when I feel like dealing with the box of paper I carried over I'm going to figure it out and make them pay me. The amount of money won't be worth the trouble but it's a matter of principle.


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