Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just another lazy Sunday

My holiday is over, I'm back to work in the morning, so I spent the afternoon poolside today. It was hot outside but the water was still pretty cold so I stayed in for my 3 minute workout and didn't go back in. Still the sun felt good on my legs and the teenagers are endlessly entertaining. I never even cracked my magazine.

I'm starting to learn their names and sort of figure out the relationships. Mikayla and her little sister live in my building. They look almost exactly alike, hence my confusion on the age thing. I'm back to thinking 13 or 14 with a couple of 12 year olds thrown into the mix. The little sister is definitely leaning towards the 12 side, if even, but is precocious as shit. She has a tattoo on her belly, which I hope and assume is temporary, of a flaming eightball.

Mikala has a friend in the complex, Caddy, who's not as thin and gorgeous as the other two but she's more, shall we say, developed. She also knows way too much about sex not to be having it. Luke and Josh live here. Luke's parents are the overweight couple who are there, probably every day and the Dad, who's name is also Luke, I think, hangs in the pool all day long playing with the big kids. Oddly he seems to have a fatherly fondness for Josh.

There's another kid Scott, who is part of the core group. I think he lives here but I haven't figured him out yet and then there was the black kid, Amir who showed up late. They were thrilled to see him. He's definitely A-list and I think he may also live here. He has a little brother that the big kids ignore. I figure him to be about 10.

The boys are mostly all skinny, as in showing ribs lean, including Amir, who I swear had breasts. I mean so does Josh but he's the only one who's chubby. I've never seen a skinny kid with such pronounced protruberances. I blame it on the hormones they put in animal feed.

Anyway, three older boys showed up just before I left. JT and his posse. They were clearly in the upper age range. I have no idea who they are but JT was definitely A+ list. All of sudden, the whole pool scene revolved around him. This is a kid that's going to be lighting up parties for years to come. I didn't stay long enough to get a read on him, but I have a feeling I'm going to see him again.

I just hope it's not under the stairwell with Mikayla. I have a feeling the guy is something of an operator.


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