Thursday, May 17, 2007

Home improvement

I think I figured out why I was feeling so bad. I'm pretty sure I was having an adverse reaction to the new brand of blood pressure meds I got last time. I was feeling fine until I took them and I didn't take any today and I'm already feeling much better tonight. I ended up going to the old pharmacy and paying them full price for a prescription because my insurance won't pick up the co-pay because I filled it at the new place. But it will be worth it to find out if I'm right.

Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying the new Mcpartment. The neighborhood teens come out and play on the street in the evening. They look to be about 13 or 14, they may be 12, it's hard to say but they're very cute. There's 3 girls and about 4 or 5 boys. They kick a soccer ball around, and practice their skate boards and generally flirt with each other.

Half of them have these new sneakers with the wheels in the back. They're always sliding down the sidewalk and doing little tricks with them. It kind of looks like fun but I think my sidewalk skating days are over. I'm sure I'd end up with my face planted on the pavement if I got a pair.


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