Friday, May 04, 2007

Forget the drano - just give me a lighter

I've been meaning to post this story that Chickie was kind enough to forward to me.

Maintenance workers responding to a complaint about a clogged toilet at the Palace of Justice, Spain found 30 pounds of hashish caught in a pipe was responsible for the blockage.

The drug-filled drainage pipe was located Friday in a restroom used by prisoners inside the building that houses courtrooms and jail cells, in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on the coast of Morocco.

AP quotes the Interior Ministry office in Ceuta as saying that the drugs were stored in dozens of small bags in a basement pipe leading from the jail cell area.
You have to wonder how and why 30 lbs got into that pipe. Was it from hundreds of defendants who dumped their stash before going into court or was it some enterprising dealer who figured out how to deal to the outgoing prisoners from inside the courthouse? I would think that would a good market.

God knows, I would want to unwind with a little puff of Moroccan black after spending the day in front of a judge....


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