Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cops on pot

I was going to post this last night but literally fell asleep sitting up at the keyboard. For a long time. Long enough to have a dream about riding a pony down a beach being chased by my ex-husband. Who knows what Freud would do with that but anyway, this story would be funny if it wasn't so irritating. A cop in Michigan used confiscated marijuana that he shook down from some hapless users and made a big batch of brownies with it. He and his wife then apparently ate the whole batch and freaked out when they started getting high.

The Agitator has the audio from the 9/11 call. That's the funny part. The irritating part is the cop will be not be charged with anything. He's going to get away with stealing evidence and using the drug. He had to resign but no criminal charges will be brought.

You can be sure if some local kid had done the same, he would be in jail for a long time. Just another day of our injustice system keeping us safe from drugs.


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