Thursday, May 10, 2007

Caught in the Crosswire

I know I've been promising photos but the weather hasn't been that great for it. The fog was like pea soup this morning but the sun finally came out and I got this shot of the view from my deck. I love being able to see the sky again. The moon has been rising right in that same place lately.

I like this place. I'm actually moving in and spent some time unpacking boxes. I found a lot of stuff I haven't seen in two years and forgot I owned. That was after the two days I spent trying to get a working land line phone. Actually the phone worked fine yesterday, they just gave me the wrong number. The only reason I even figured it out was because some telemarketer called me and was indignant that I accused him of misdialing.

After he hung up, I checked it out and he was right. I had some other guy's service. The tech had to come back three times to get it right. He came this morning first thing and called me up and said everything was fine. But when I tried to call myself with the cell, it was still the same wrong number. Then he comes back and he calls me again, and says it's fixed. But it's not. Then he tells me it's fixed but I just can't use my cell phone to call it.

Well, that didn't sound right even to a technodope like me so I checked it out with the family and found he was wrong. It was so not fixed. They finally got it right late this afternoon. The good news is I got to keep my old number so those of you who have it, it's still good.

Meanwhile, I have to wash all my crockery before I put it in the cabinets so I tried out the dishwasher today. Happily it was easy to figure out and it seems to work well. At least it didn't leak or make any unfortunate noises and the dishes are all clean and sparkly looking. Of course, now I have to go figure how to organize the cabinets and put the stuff away. It's a big job this moving in stuff, but I'm making progress. Slowly.

Anyway, so far it's still feeling like the right move. This is a photo from the landing at the outside stairs. I'm happy enough.


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