Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Around the world on drugs

Trying, perhaps in vain, to keep this blog relevant to the war on some drugs I've collected a couple of interesting links this week. Long time readers know that one of my pet peeves is the over-valuation of drug busts and this just crossed the radar via Slate, just how the DEA determines those values with a nod towards how podunk PDs tend to way overvalue marijuana.

From England, where they aren't afraid to admit the WOsD is a disaster, The Indepedent posts the lastest on the dismal failure of the prohibitionists' South American plan. The one thing we suceeded in doing was installing several anti-US leaders that rode to power on the public discontent with US drug eradication policies.

And finally, via Juan Cole, a rumor that southern Iraq is about to go the way of Afghanistan and become a poppy producing region. Could it be any more obvious that the drug war warriors have no interest in winning the war on drugs? They just want to make the problem worse so they can continue making billions on fighting it.


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