Monday, April 23, 2007

On the move

Sorry posting was so non-existent this weekend. Like an idiot I told the landlord they could show the place this week so I had to madly pack and clean so they could do it. It always takes longer than you think it will.

The good news is the place looks great. Cleaning will be a breeze at the end and the packing is 80% done and I still have a week to go. The downside is that the packing was quicker since I lost so much stuff to mold. All my leathers are gone. I lost my favorite coat. And I discovered all my cashmere sweaters were eaten by moths. I've never even seen a moth in the house and you would have thought all the spiders would have kept them away anyway but they were eaten to death. Oddly they didn't eat the wool ones. GO figure.

On the bright side, it's less to carry and my leather days are probably over anyway. I'm back on the work rotation this week but I should have a little more time and energy to blog in the evenings. Nonetheless, expect me when you see me.


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