Friday, April 06, 2007

Oh yeah, about that drug war...

It still sucks. I actually did some drug war blogging but I did it on other blogs so I'm not going to repost here except to give you the links. Jeralyn had a story about a woman just sentenced to 9 years for selling 8 pain pills that had me about mad enough to spit nails but I collected myself enough to post something reasonable about it at the Detroit News. This is your government on drugs.

Meanwhile, Arianna Huffington posted a long screed haranguing the Democratic 08 hopefuls for ignoring the war on some drugs. She made the racial inequity equation but I connected the dots to terrorists at Newshog.

And for friends who haven't made over to Cadillac Tight lately, now that our pal is a big exec and all, he's starting blogging with his real name, D.G. Hall, and had a good drug war post on Florida having restored voting rights to felons. He notes a lot of people get on the felon rolls on account of drug offenses. I blogged on his post here.

If you only read one of these links, read Arianna's post. That's the big one in terms of exposure to the non-consuming community and to the candidate's directly. She's a pretty big time DC insider and if they're reading anyone - it's her. It's good news when she starts prodding the politicians in public.


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