Monday, April 02, 2007

Moving on...

It's going to be a busy month with the moving thing. I'm glad to have a chunk of time off to deal with the details because the move itself is likely to be ugly. It's not that I have much stuff but because the schedule is so light at the top by the time I move I'll be on a brutal rotation again. I have to call the landlord today and start looking for local movers. I figure at least that part should be pretty cheap since I'm not moving far away. I'll be glad when it's over.

It's looking like it's going a steamy day here but at least the sun is out. I couldn't get going yesterday because it was so dreary. The sun always helps me get moving. Good thing because I have a lot to do. As if moving prep is not enough, I also have to get my paperwork together for the taxes. If you could see my filing system, you would understand what a challenge that's going to be. It was a lot easier before I became self-employed. Itemizing is a bitch but I'm glad at least I don't have to do the actual forms.

Oh, and I didn't tell you about my little sojourn to the Easter egg hunt. As I told you I had about four hours of sleep when the phone call came but I can't resist cute tots so I went and it turned out to be a beautiful morning for it. In fact it was almost too hot and I was overdressed. But it was worth it to watch the kids. It's a regional deal so there were hundreds of little tykes, each one cuter than the other and it was amazingly well organized. They split them up into age groups and most parents follow the rules so it didn't get as ugly as some I've been to. Still there's always a few that spoil the fun.

I mean what would possess a grown person to knock a three year old aside in order to grab a dollar's worth of free candy off the ground for their kid? I know there's a prize thing too, but from I could see the prizes weren't so good that it's worth risking injury to a tiny tot to get it. People can be so crazy.

Unfortunately, I don't have pix to share because wouldn't you know it, my chip ran out of memory when I got there. It's too bad because the park they held it was quite beautiful and I missed some nice shots. But the whole town is quite gorgeous now so I'll try to get some of the local flora this week. Meanwhile, I'm off to shuffle through papers.


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