Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter candy

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, or a pleasant Passover or just managed to stay warm and be with loved ones on this day. For myself, my family left for vacation this afternoon so I spent a quiet day at home. Since I didn't replace the nuker in anticipation of moving, I feasted on a can of Chef Boyardee twisty macaroni. The stuff isn't half bad actually. I threw some hot sauce in it and felt quite festive.

Meanwhile, I didn't forget your Easter baskets. I have something for you. It's bright pink, tastes like candy and has a cute name. Strawberry Quick. It's right there in the graphic, so help yourself to the latest fad in designer drugs -- flavored meth. It also comes in cola, cherry and orange flavors.

Needless to say the law enforcement types are spinning this as a gimmick to attract young users. They say "[i]ts sweet flavors help mask the usually bitter taste of methamphetamine when snorted, making it more attractive to new users, rather than to seasoned addicts."

I think they underestimate the whimiscal nature of drug addicts. Seasoned users, as they call them, would enjoy the novelty and everyone would want to try it. It's a marketing device, not unlike the stamps they used to make blotter acid. The dealers aren't going for kids. They're going for each other's clients.

[h/t Jules Siegel]


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