Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A big haul

This is what 20 tons of coke looks like. It sounds like a lot. It looks like a lot, but it translates to 40,000 pounds of cocaine. Sure, it will make a temporary dent in supply but it's still just a tiny amount compared to what gets through and will end up on the streets.

And such is the profit level in the black market that this is a sustainable loss. At best it might possibly take one dealer out of the market and could temporarily drive up the price. This will surely benefit the cartels that didn't get busted but it won't destroy the industry and will in effect endanger the public more by allowing the remaining cartels to become more powerful.

Not to mention, if our Coast Guard wasn't so busy "protecting" us from drugs, they could be patrolling to keep us safer from terrorist attacks by sea. Which would make you feel safer?

[graphic - Jeff Chiu/AP]


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