Thursday, March 22, 2007

What a tease...

So I got a letter from the Commonwealth of Mass, forwarded from my old law firm, saying I had some unclaimed money. That reminded me of what a great post office we had in lovely downtown Noho. It's a town of 30,000+ people that explodes by tens of thousands during the school year on account of the five colleges and of course there's a lot of transients. Yet, to this day, somebody there remembers who I am and will forward the most misdirected mail to the old firm, knowing they can find me. Maybe that's why I find the post office here so irritating. It's a tiny little town and they're always screwing up my deliveries. But I digress.

So I was pretty excited I was going to get some found money and went to the website to check. They don't tell you how much money you have coming, but there was my name and old hometown listed in the database. For a day or two I contemplated where this money might have come from. I was pretty sure I wouldn't have forgotten to cash any checks and the only abandoned property I could think of was a checking account with under ten dollars in it that I never bothered to close out completely because it involved more paperwork than the few bucks was worth.

Well, it didn't take a day to reject my claim and say I wasn't the right Libby Spencer, but I have to wonder who the heck it was then. In all the years I lived there, I was the only Libby Spencer in Northampton. Maybe I should call them and find out why they rejected me. It occurs to me that an unscrupulous reviewer could take the dough, knowing I would never follow up since I moved out of state.


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