Friday, March 23, 2007

Time for a change

The weather is crazy warm right now. I still have my doors open at 10:00pm and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. It's like the middle of summer. They issued a pollen alert this morning and the big fat bees came out of hibernation this afternoon. And all the pink trees simultaneously busted out into bloom. I love this time of year here.

Seemed like a good day to look at apartments. I went to the big complex and checked out their digs today. Surprisingly, it was better than it looked on line. The complex is so big it's relatively anonymous. The place is brand new so everything is still shiny and it's actually spacious. The square footage is better than most and set up efficiently. They have a really nice pool and the other amenities. And I would get a senior citizen discount on the rent. It has a lot to recommend it and few negatives. I had about convinced myself that I was going to live there if the place lived up to its online promise.

However, my life is never that simple. Coincidentally, an apartment just opened up in the very heart of downtown. I did a walk by this afternoon, after I looked at the other place and from the outside, it reminds me a lot of my place in Noho. Not to mention, it's the very place I envisioned living in when I moved here in the first place.

It's a little apartment in a house that dates to the civil war. I mean the house has a historic name plaque and everything. Someone famous lived there. The apartment is in the back and with the hedges in front, you hardly even notice you're downtown. And I've discovered in my emails with the owner that I think I've met my neighbors at one of my half dozen soujourns to the Irish bar in the last two years and really liked them. I have an appointment to go inside tomorrow. I just know it's going to be quirky with odd spaces and more problems than the other place but I'm going to love it have to decide between the two places.

I hate when this happens. I'm not good at these major life decisions.


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