Sunday, March 18, 2007

Technical difficulties

I had the best of intentions to post here today but I had major connectivity problems all day long. Now everything seems to finally be working really well again but I have to go to bed for a really early wake up call. But it was so cold here this weekend, I didn't do anything of interest anyway.

Well except cut my hair. I got really bold this afternoon and decided to hack about three inches off the bottom. I was way overdue for a chop. I'll be hacking away at the stray ends for another day or two but basically it came out well. I like it. It's on the short side but it's got some bounce again. I think it might make me look younger.

It's funny. All my life I had really long hair but now I can't stand it when it gets to a place I would have considered near bald back in the day. I don't know. There's something about grey hair. It just looks better when it's short.


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