Saturday, March 10, 2007

Random Friday Photoblogging

I found this disk when I was cleaning up and had no idea what was on it. This was a really good party. It was Independence Day 04 at the marina. This is my friend's houseboat and their little runabout right next to it. The music was a nonstop jam session. That's my bro Mark Herschler on the guitar and my old friend Vast Ed Vadas sitting on the dock. Both are on the blogroll as musicmakers. And that's my dear pal Mark Bode on the accordian. Somehow he's not on the roll but I'll fix that tomorrow.

Hoisting the beer bottle on the right is our indefatigable host Jamie, holding court with the beautiful Annie and her latest conquest whose name I don't remember and whom I suspect is no longer going to parties with her anyway.

And last but not least our charming hostess Maki carrying the basket of bug repellant for the guests who were staying for the fireworks. Fourth of July at the marina was always great for fireworks. The different parties would compete to have the best show and everyone staggered their shots so you had fireworks for hours. It was fun to find the shots but it reminds me how much I really miss my friends.


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