Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Obama overstates his youthful drug use?

Sorry kids. I was just wiped out last night. I couldn't even see the screen anymore so I went to bed insanely early and listened to dumb TV until I fell asleep. I say listened because I can't really watch it anymore. The wiggly thing it does since the power surge gives me a headache.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to justify continuing to call this a drug policy blog, here's a bit of trivia that I loved. I wonder if this is a sign of the times? Has the drug policy reform movement made enough headway with the non-consuming public that it's now politically advantageous to overemphasize one's adolescent drug use?

One might think so after reading this story. According to people who "knew him when," it appears Obama may have exaggerrated his youthful drug use. Folks who knew him as a teenager in Hawaii say they never noticed he was taking any drugs at all.

I find that a little amusing since candidates usually try to minimize their youthful indiscretions. In fact I just saw a reference to some kerfluffle about Hillary denying she ever smoked pot and some college roommate calling her out on it. Maybe Hill should take a lesson from Barak.

[hat tip Jules Siegel]


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