Sunday, March 25, 2007

More reasons to move to the Mcpartment

I have to run out to work this afternoon for a few hours and I have a 5:30am call tomorrow but after this, I will have about three weeks off, so I really will be around more starting Tuesday but for now, I just read the full list of perks that come with the Mcpartment and it's looking better all the time.

My absolute favorite is they offer free helium balloon bouquets. It appears you can just request them for no apparent reason and they'll give you six balloons. That should come in handy for when I forget a special occassion until the last minute. They also offer free faxing and copies, something I took for granted when I worked for the law firm but have come to realize is quite expensive when you pay for it at the copy center. The office center also offers internet access and is open 24/7 just in case the old computer suddenly broke down.

There's other perks you might not expect. They will loan you a carpet cleaner, a vacuum cleaner, jumper cables and a small toolbox with the customary tools including a stud finder which I don't have, that you might need to hang a picture or do some tiny repair. They do package acceptance and pickup at the office and they sell stamps. And along with the coffee bar they bake fresh cookies every day. Not to mention their monthly socials, which is actually sort of customary for these sort of complexes.

I'm beginning to really warm up to the idea of moving....


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