Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Little things

Well, today was crash day. The Impolitic is still attracting some high profile links so I've been favoring that blog and spent the day on politics. I was moving so slow that it took forever to compose content today so I see I'm really late getting here tonight.

There's been thunderstorms rolling all around me this evening. It's been rather pleasant to sit out on the screen porch enjoying the breeze and watching the lightning which has literally been flashing all around the house. Usually it only comes from one direction. The storms though are far enough away that the thunder is just a faint rumbling that speaks of rain but promises none for my flowers.

And flowers I have. The daffodils are long past but the azelea and the other weird shrub is blooming and the yard is full of bluets and violets and other hardy flowering weeds that I still don't know the names for. And all around me the flowering trees are beginning to peak, forming wide swaths of white and pink framed against the red bud maples that are threatening to bust out in bloom.

I really like this time of year at this house but nonetheless, I called the Mcpartments and commited to moving today. I'll do the paperwork in the next couple of days and then I'll have to move. I hate the idea of actually doing it, but it's really time to make a shift and I already feel a vague sense of relief that the yardwork won't be my responsibility anymore.

Meanwhile I managed to slice my finger open on a farookin weed a couple of days ago and it's still bleeding. It was the weirdest thing. I was yanking on what I thought was just ordinary dried alfalfa of some kind but the husk around it was still alive at the bottom and when I yanked at it, it sort of split and curled and bit me. It's one of those strange cuts that's really deep but on the surface so it made a good sized flap on my index finger. It didn't bleed profusely even when it happened but it opens up again every time it gets wet. If I don't keep a bandaid on it, it starts up bleeding again.

Very strange. I usually heal quicker than that.


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