Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just another lazy Sunday

Somehow I lost a whole day again dicking around with politics and other odd tangents. Forgive me friends for not visiting blogs instead. I miss you all terribly and I'm wondering what everyone is up to but I just lost track of time. I have little to report in any event. I forgot to go out and get a picture of the tree for your amusement but I tested my camera dock and that thankfully still works. I wasn't sure because that wasn't plugged into the surge protector either but it was connected to the computer. And I saw part of the lunar eclipse last night.

I don't get a good view of the rising moon here because of the trees but it was still going when the moon came up. I saw the last of it in the grocery store parking lot. I had nothing to eat that didn't need a nuker and I needed non-nukable food. I almost forgot what you eat if you don't have a nuker. I opted out for sandwiches and cans of soup.

I didn't get a nuker today either. I'm not sure I'm going to because the place I'm thinking of moving to comes with a built in one. I think it's an omen that I should move into that complex. I'm going to think about what I want to do about both for a few days. I won't have time now to get one anyway because I'm back on the work rotation again in the morning. I'm definitely not getting enough time off but the per day schedule should be a little less brutal. I'm hoping they'll be ten hours days instead of fourteen.

Meanwhile. I see that fixing the archive malfunction seems to have fixed the template as well and my posts are now publishing all the way down the page again. This makes me happy. I had no idea how I was going to fix that. I didn't have clue where to even start to look for the problem. I love it when things work out easily.


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