Saturday, March 24, 2007

Home hunting

I looked at the other apartment today. The good news is I didn't love it. It had some serious defects, including only one door and that door had a crack in it you could see daylight through. I think I'm going to go ahead and move into the Mcpartments. The the pluses balance the downside the best and it just makes sense for where my life is right now. A big bland box that doesn't grow mildew works for me. And the balcony and the pool balance out the other negatives enough to make the worth the trouble I think.

The only thing I'll really miss here is the carport. It's amazing to me how of a difference that makes in the winter.

Meanwhile, my schedule went to pieces and I had to work all day and will probably have to work tomorrow and definitely have to work on Monday. So I'm off to bed. I really will start blogging here regularly again here someday.


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