Thursday, March 15, 2007

Extreme substance abuse

I'm not surprised the binge drinking and prescription abuse rate is rising for college kids. This is the other side of the Dare Generation. These are the kids that have been subjected to random drug tests and intermittent drug sweeps by the local cops and their sniff dogs. A lot of those kids bought into the message that illegal drugs are bad and they also inferred that legal drugs must be okay, so they use more harmful legal drugs instead.

The prohibs at NIDA say the colleges should "fight" this scourge and that the schools need to get tougher on "drugs." Of course, the reason they're in this current mess is because the schools listened to them and got tough on marijuana. They were better off when the campus was overrun with potheads. Stoned hippies don't form unruly mobs who overturn cars and throw rocks and bottles at law enforcement. But this sort of drunken mayhem has now become customary after major sporting events.

It's ridiculous to think the college can stop it. Kids are going to experiment with drugs. Always have and always will. Call me crazy but I don't see this current development as an improvement on potheads.


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