Thursday, March 01, 2007

Drugs are still winning the drug war

Well, there appears to be a pedestrian explanation for my low energy this week. I came down with a miserable cold today complete with scratchy throat and a non-stop runny nose. In a way this is a good thing because presuambly I'll feel much better in a couple of days and I have the next three off so I'll be able to rest and recover. All in all it's pretty good timing because the weather is supposed to tank a little as well. I don't think we'll get to sixty for a couple of days and it's going to rain.

Meanwhile, the US State Dept released its annual assessment of their drug war and had to admit it was still failing. Well actually they didn't really admit it but as usual they blamed everybody and everything except their own shortsighted, ineffective and in fact counterproductive policies. I put my post on this one up at the Detroit News for the drug war readers that are interested in my analysis.


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