Friday, March 30, 2007

Drug talk

So you want to cop some pot and it's been so long you forgot the street lingo? Your government wants to help with a handy guide (pdf) of 39 pages of the most obscure terms I've ever seen. If it wasn't created for DEA agent training, I would think it's a plot to get potheads killed by street dealers. If they're serious, it's no wonder the war on drugs is failing. [h/t Newsroom-1]

On a brighter note, you have to be conversant in Portugese to understand anything on this site about Rio's Million Marijuana March but if you click the video in the top right corner, you'll see my handsome friend Luiz being interviewed. He's the guy in the orange shirt and sunglasses.

Luiz and I met on an airplane when we were both going to the same drug war conference. Coincidentally we sat next to each other and discovered within ten minutes we were heading to the same place. By the time we got to Cancun, I had adopted him and took him with me to the School of Authentic Journalism that was also going on in conjunction with the conference.

My host wasn't all that pleased initially, but the look on my boss's face -- he was also attending the conference but we went on different planes and coincidentally arrived at exactly the same time -- when Luiz and I came strolling down pratically holding hands, was worth it. And in the end Luiz turned out to be a good friend to the movement and to all of us.

I love that some of us who made friends at that conference have still managed to stay in touch.


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