Friday, March 16, 2007

Blogroll - yin yang edition

Well this sucks. Lisa is shutting down her blog. But she says it's because something good happened so it only sucks for her readers I guess. I'm betting she'll be back though. It's not as easy to quit as it looks.

On a brighter note, this rocks. My old pal Jed at Freedom Sight is back in business. Jed and I go way back to when I first started. He's one of the first ten people to blogroll me. I tried to enter a blog carnival or something that was only for Colorado bloggers but he was kind enough to link to me anyway and we bonded over the drug war and guns. Speaking of which, those readers who enjoy gun blogging take note. Jed knows a lot about guns.

This is the synchronicity of the blogiverse in action folks. Lisa quits, Jed comes back. Someday, someone else will quit and Lisa will be back too.

Update: It appears Lisa's blog, Lemons & Lollipops has already been hijacked by some kind of redirect malware so I'm reluctantly removing the links immediately.


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