Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What I Learned Today

Even if you don't use your cell phone at all, it dies if you don't recharge it. Now this may seem obvious to those of you who have using the little buggers for the last ten years but I was very surprised to pull it out to check the time and discover a blank screen.

What a PITA. It reminds me of those electronic pets that were popular many years ago. I forget what their name was, but I remember everybody but me had one, and you had to feed them and take care of them or they would die an electronic death. I never understood why anyone would think entering data into a little box would be fun, although I guess it served a purpose in illustrating how much work a real pet is. I hoped if people failed to keep their virtual pets alive they would realize they shouldn't get a real one. In any event, I'm disconcerted to discover my phone needs an electronic pet level of attention.

Meanwhile, it's been a very long week of 14 hour days and I have to crawl through one more before I get some time off, but I think I'm looking at a six day stretch so bear with me my dears. I'll be back.


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