Tuesday, February 13, 2007

UMASS to grow pot?

I thought I posted this last night but it appears I forgot to and deleted the draft by mistake. I hate when that happens. Anyway, UMASS professor Lyle Craker has been trying to get a license to grow research grade marijuana for scientific purposes since 2001. Yesterday a federal judge issued a favorable opinion.
The administrative law judge, Mary Ellen Bittner, concluded Monday that granting Craker's application would be in the public interest. Among the reasons she cited were inadequate competition and an inadequate supply of marijuana for research purposes.
The decision, (available in pdf here), is nonbinding and the chief prohib Karen Tandy of the DEA has the final say but the decision should at least make it more difficult for Tandy to deny the application.

Craker said, "I hope that Administrator Tandy abides by the decision and grants me the opportunity to do my job unimpeded by drug war politics." I hope so too but I wouldn't suggest holding your breath waiting. Nonetheless, it's a victory for those whose suffering could be alleviated by medical marijuana. [hat tip JackL]


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