Monday, February 12, 2007

Tucker Carlson takes down Souder

Life is funny. A couple of weeks ago, I was dissing Tucker for being a total jerk to some kid blogger but today I'm applauding him for his interview with has been drug war lord of Congress, Mark Souder, about Bush's request for millions for the stupid anti-drug commercials. You have to watchthe video. It's priceless.

I don't really know who Tucker is, I'm told he's a baby neo-con who shills for the White House, so I was really surprised that the interview was so good. He raked Souder over and Tucker's closing question was a knockout. He asked Souder how many marijuana overdoses there were last year. And he pressed the point when Souder tried to dance around it and claim that all pot smokers do multiple drugs. And he actually told Souder he was wrong. It was so enjoyable, I watched it twice.

In a related story, Bill Piper of DPA takes on John Walters, who was shilling in the newspapers for prohibition funding, and sheds some much needed light on Walters' deceits.


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