Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

I'm didn't get home from work until the end of the first quarter but I see it's a more interesting game than usual. Something actually happened in the first quarter. But since I don't understand anything but touchdowns, I'm just listening to it and only watching the replays of the touchdowns and the commercials. I never live blog but since I'm too brain dead to tell my best Superbowl story and can't talk about my job, I thought I'd give the commercials a try. I'll update as I can.

Chevy commercial with all the singing was pretty good.

Bud Light language school not so much and the stereotypes are going to offend somebody.

Doritos - I didn't get it but maybe you had to know who the guy sitting with Oprah was to get the joke. At least I think that was Oprah.

Go Daddy was cute. I liked it but wasn't knocked out.

Coke - Weird. I didn't get what the message was but I liked the computers graphics.

CBS - I laughed at that one. I rarely watch the "most watched network." I was interested to find out I could see fresh episodes of CSI there. I occassionally feel like watching that but I usually catch a rerun on some cable station late at night.

Budweiser ad with the cute dogs was a winner. Great remix of the Lady and the Tramp love story. Loved it.

Chevy ad with the naked guys was a loser. Too weird and I could have happily lived my life without seeing that skinny old guy.

Bud Light slap ad. Hated it. It was stupid, not at all funny and encourages bad behavior.

Heart at Risk Clever but really weird. I didn't like it but I thought the ending was good.

Coke bottle history lesson was sort of interesting, sort of boring. It didn't quite work.

GM robot was cute but the whole ET schtick is little stale. Liked it but it didn't knock me out.

And it's halftime. I didn't know Prince was playing. I'm going to go watch it.

Halftime show was a little disappointing but the special effects were cool and I thought they all did a manful job in the rain. Prince looks exactly the same in a Dick Clark sort of way. I thought that was weird. So back to the commercials.

Sprint - hate the company, didn't love the ad but the Connective Dysfunction appealed to the wanna be geek in me and made me laugh.


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