Monday, February 26, 2007

Shooting the breeze

Well I spent two days immersing myself the black gun culture after I put my foot into the Zumbo thing. I learned a little bit about guns and a lot about angry gun owners. I also learned the NRA doesn't really encompass the gun community, which suffers from a sectarianism that surprised me. But I had a really interesting conversation with Kevin at The Smallest Minority out of the deal and I'm happy to report that at least some of people who fueled the blogswarm initially seem to have found some humanity and are feeling some small regret about taking down that poor old hunting guy.

It appears the conversation isn't quite over though. I'm still getting comments on the first post with excuses for their cruel conduct that makes me want to lecture these guys. I have to think about how to say it in as little words as possible. I don't want to open up another fight and if it goes on much longer, I'll get pissed off and say something to piss them off and then I'll get Zumboed, which this commenter tells me is the new threat, replacing Dixie Chicked or something like that.

I'm sure those of you who know me, and know my politics and have witnessed my caustic wit, will understand my caution. I'm thinking I probably don't want to piss off a couple of thousand guys who own semi-automatic rifles.


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