Monday, February 12, 2007

Never get NeverGetBusted

Whoa baby. Barry Cooper has his Fruit of the Looms in a twist. Someone forwarded Loretta a copy of his email dissing her review. Click over for the whole thing and read the comments too, but let me give you the money grafs here.
My wife is good at discerning woman and states Loretta is a failed politician who is jealous of my work. I have to agree. Loretta's review so far is the ONLY negative review we have gotten outof 102 reviews. Maybe this is why she never gets voted to office...she has a few followers but can't get past anybody accomplishing more than her.

My wife and office manager, another wise woman, thinks Loretta is not comfortable being a woman and wrongly attacks strong men. We have dealt with people like this before.

Myself, NEVERGETBUSTED and numerous attorneys will be releasing our plan soon. It would be nice to have Loretta repent and join us in the fight but she would need some serious training from my wife and ourcompany before being allowd to even answer a phone.

...She has other agendas beside ending the war.
What a lunatic. The man is obviously seriously crazy and you definitely do not want to be giving your contact information for any reason whatsoever. He couldn't be more wrong about Loretta, his remarks are just plain creepy and I'm thinking his well trained wife may be one of his drug dogs by the way he describes her.

As for Loretta's agenda, yeah it's bigger than just marijuana. She also advocates for prisoner's rights, sentencing reform and civil rights in general. Cooper's big "plan" whatever it is his twisted mind, is clearly to make a lot of money - for himself.

In a followup post, Loretta received a listserv email from the guy in which he apologizes profusely for sending out the dvds with the name of the video on the envelope. He blames the distribution company but it's clear to me that he either didn't notice the problem until Loretta posted or more likely he set it up that way to give his URL more visibility. I've done mailings through distributors before. They always send proofs before they run the printing job.

Hilariously, he signs his emails, as CEO/NeverGetBusted - The Most Trusted Name in Anti-Prohibition. I think the printer got that wrong too. I think that should have been Mis-trusted. At best the guy is an insane creep. At worst, he really is still a narc. He made a disturbing comment about his customer base being mainstream consumers and not drug users. Just how would he know that unless he say, had access to the DEA's datamining stats?

I don't have any proofs here. It's just a gut feeling, but if you want good advice on your rights go to Flex Your Rights for their video and stay as far away from Barry Cooper and his bogus product as you can.


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