Sunday, February 11, 2007

Never Get Busted?

The reviews on the video set the ex-cop Barry Cooper is selling about how to avoid getting arrested for pot are coming in. First up is Mark Draughn at Windy Pundit who provides a non-consumer's overview of Volume One and thought it was pretty good but probably not worth the money.

He points us to Loretta Nall's take. She gives a detailed rundown of the content and says the video stinks and is clearly not worth the money. She also points out, right off the bat any guarantee Cooper made about your privacy is negated by the fact that the video arrives in a envelope clearly marked with the name of the product.

Flex Your Rights who are the real authorities on Fourth Amendment protection and whose video Busted I highly recommend as an invaluable tool for marijuana transporters, exposes the dangerous flaws in Cooper's advice on consent to search.

Pete at Drug WarRant didn't see it but points us to a new blogger on me, Tanya, who thinks Cooper is probably still a narc. I've thought that from the beginning and I'm glad that I didn't spend 25 bucks to find out the man is a fraud.

Thanks to those who put out the cash so we didn't have to and as Loretta suggests, if you were tempted to throw away your money on this video, donate it one of the many worthy reform organizations that are working to end the prohibition instead of giving it to this snake-oil salesman whom apparently I judged correctly as merely seeking to make a profit from maintaining prohibition.


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