Sunday, February 18, 2007

Need a new home

I've been obsessing about moving out of this house. There's a lot of things I love about it but the mold is just too much. I'm never going to really move in here. I've been diligently searching the listings for three weeks now. Quite a chore since I expanded my search area. I even did a drive by of a couple of places in town.

The cheap duplex in the "old schoolhouse" was across the street from a Baptist church that looked sort of like a jail and the the duplex looked like a barracks. Huge yard that the landlord, who I assume might be the church, maintains. Unfortunately the neighborhood looked about as unfriendly as the house. It's funny because two blocks away, the neighborhoods are very nice. It's amazing how you cross one street and it's so abruptly seedy.

I'm seriously considering moving into one of these huge characterless apartment complexes. They actually one nice one just outside of town. It's so really not my kind of gig but for my current lifestyle it makes sense and the place is pretty new so the apartments won't be beat up yet. There's a lot of amenties I'll never use from the dishwasher in the apartment to the exercise room in the clubhouse but it does have a nice pool so it would some incentive to exercise this summer.

I don't know what to do really. I drove around the complex and it looked respectable enough. The grounds were well kept and the balconies are a decent size. If they have highspeed internet I'm going to at least look at an apartment and think about it.


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