Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm free, to do what I want....

The good news is the week from hell is over. I put in about 90+ hours over the last seven days on too little sleep but it's done. The bad news is I only get three and a half days off. I'll need most of that time just to recover. The good news is the calls won't be so early and two of the next four are late morning so it will feel easy compared to this past week. And the weather turned.

I don't even want to tell my friends up north how beautiful it was here today. I figure it had to be 70 and it doesn't get dark until after 6:00 now. It helps but I'm still burned to a crisp at the moment. I can barely make sentences so I'm going to go watch Nashville Star which I guess is the country music version of Idol. They're down to the last four finalists. I hope I stay awake long enough to find out who wins.


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