Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I only have eyes for you

Happy Valentine's Day my dears. Since I don't have a sweetie, I'm giving you, my cherished readers, this poem. I think I'm going to start a new recurring meme with this one.

I get a ton of spam. My filters catch most of it but in Yahoo I have to check the folder because it filters out stuff I want. I probably get a couple of hundred a day but it's quick to scan through the headings and rescue the few things I want to keep. I'm often struck by the creativity of the titles though and have thinking about something to do with them. And then it struck me. Along the lines of that magnetic poetry that was so popular for a long time, I give you the first in an ongoing series of spam poetry.
Hey... I was just on cam
Thanks for Looking Me UP
cassandra maintain
Or in athens , males combative
paz sough
look and the workers together (and save that will do: ye shall also
If you have sweetie, enjoy the holiday. If, like me, you're alone in the world - eh, it's just another day. Avoid restaurants and celebrate the anniversary of the Valentine Day Massacre instead with some bootleg booze or the contraband of your choice.

[Graphic gratitude. Check out this link. He has a lot of great valentines there. I could hardly choose but I picked this one because it looked so much like a certain Straight White Guy]


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